MEDIA (EN) - SUPERBIKE DRIFT 2016 - ROUND 1 - NICE (France) 12& 13 Mars

  • PRESS RULES 2016

    RESPONSIBILITIES : Each photographer, videographer, a reporter wishing to enter the track must complete and sign a release in order to withdraw its accreditation (home press / media).

    ACCREDITATION : The organization reserves the right to accept any application for certification. If your application is accepted, you will receive confirmation by e-mail or mail. If it is not, you will receive by email a negative response and the reasons for the refusal. Any accreditation must absolutely be subject to prior confirmation to be considered valid. Any abnormal behavior considered will be punished by expulsion from the track.

    : All photos and videos from a Superbike Drift competition will be available with your copyright Superbike Drift and association Switch Riders, organizer of the competition, for use on the following media: social networks, websites internet partners.