The world first motorcycle drift competition

Born in France in 2015 from Switch Riders team, Superbike Drift is a motorcycle drift competition with rules, technical rules, sponsors and medias.

After some test competitions with their friends (Julien Welsch, Guillaume « GuyGuy » Gleyo, RSR Team, etc.), the competition is now spreading the world!

Wanna join the adventure? Go to the registration form!

Motion Maker

Our pro video and photo team makes medias all the year, allowing us to put the riders and the sponsors under the spotlights!

A big community

Behind a competition, there is always people and passion. We are everyday more!

15K fans on Facebook, 800K on Switch Riders Facebook and 1M on our main sponsor Facebook (FREEGUN)

"If they can do it with cars, we can do it with motorcycles!"

Switch Riders

"Each battle is intense like the las lap of a GP"

Sebastien GimbertSuperbike Champion

"The art of sliding pushed to the limits"

Moto RevueFrench Magazine